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Who We Are

The Band Boosters is a parent organization consisting of band alumni, parents/guardians of current band members, the Director of Bands and any assistants or other persons interested in the progress and development of the Harrison High School Instrumental Music program.




The key functions of the group are communications, chaperones, logistics and fundraising/financial support.  A telephone chain/email list is one of the means of keeping you informed. You may also enroll with Celly by following the directions on the left side of this page.  You may be contacted to be reminded of something, asked to volunteer, informed of something, or notified of what time to expect the return of the buses on trips. (This avoids having to sit in the school parking lot for hours, especially if they are delayed). The Band Boosters also publish a periodic newsletter informing parents, school staff and the community of band news.

All band parents, high school and middle school, are welcome!

The band also needs parents to help haul and move equipment, provide food and drinks for the band, and to cheer loudly at games and contests.

Current Officers:








Ways and Means:


Volunteer Coordinator:



Keith Bisaillon

Phone: 719-579-2356

Fax: 719-597-2454







Phone: 719-579-2356

Fax: 719-597-2454


Harrison High School

Panther Band

Mission Statement

The mission of the Harrison High School Band Booster Organization is to provide support and resources to the Harrison High School Instrumental Music program in the of operating funds, volunteer services and organizational coordination in order to provide students with the best possible educational experiences in music.


The Band Boosters meet monthly on the to discuss upcoming events, fundraising strategies and ongoing projects. The monthly meetings will be held on the third Thursday of every month at 5 PM.  This is a time for idea sharing, discussions and decisions.  This is also a time of interaction with the Director.

Get ready for the Sixth Annual

CBA Clinic & Show


Saturday September 15th, 2018

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The Band now has a Celly! 

This will allow Mr. B to text EVERYONE who signs up with one text message for all sorts of important information, such as reminders, schedule changes, festival/competition results, announcements, concert reminders, etc. 

Here is the link for it:


enroll by texting @HHSPantherBand to 23559

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for the Fourth Annual

Harrison Marching Festival



October 13th,